Event Location

Unlimited possibilities

Whether business retreats, birthday parties or dreamy weddings, whether corporate events or yoga seminars - the Refugium Tilliach offers a special setting for events of all kinds.

Business Retreats

Did you know that Bill Gates holds a "think-week" twice a year? Bring new momentum to your team with a teambuilding retreat in secluded nature. Here you can expect many exciting and fun outdoor activities that will weld your team together even more and also provide unforgettable moments. Whether games, sports, nature or relaxation, the possibilities are endless. Our seminar room also offers space for all important discussions and meetings.

Birthday Parties

Birthdays only come once a year, so you might as well let it rip. If it is perhaps even a round birthday, it is even more worthwhile to rent a very special location for it and toast your special day together with your friends. Our chalet is exactly the right place for your unforgettable birthday party.


For a successful wedding, special attention should be paid to the choice of location. Our chalet is the ideal place for your small dream wedding in the mountains. The surrounding area is full of small chapels for the wedding ceremony, the terrace is perfect for an aperitif afterwards and the spacious garden offers plenty of room for a wonderful feast.

Yoga Seminars

Looking for the ideal place for your yoga retreat? You've come to the right place. The outdoor area is perfect for yoga with plenty of fresh mountain air. The lounge offers an alternative option. For more soulful experiences, we recommend a fire ceremony at the fire pit, breathing and herbal walks in the adjacent forest, or outdoor meditation.

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